Florida Keys Charm – Charming “Old” Styles Found throughout the Island Chain

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Conch Houses – What’s not to love? The conch house style was developed in Key West by Bahamian immigrants, known as "Conchs".  These simple, yet understated homes were created with island living in mind. The original homes were small houses constructed of wood and were designed with front porches and large windows to keep the home cool and shaded, especially in the summer months. Over time, the style of conch homes evolved, and construction changed from wood to concrete to better weather hurricanes. Many styles will come and go, but the quintessential Conch homes painted with coastal colors, shaded front porches and decorative shutters is a timeless island home style.  



Dade County Pine ceilings – Many classic Florida Keys homes featured vaulted Dade County pine ceilings, a now rare characteristic, but still just as loved. Known only to be grown in South Florida, this almost completely harvested wood is strong, dense, and beautiful, making it a popular for construction. This dark wood, with a detailed and natural grain pattern, gives a charming and warm feeling to any home. These rare wood ceilings are highly admired and have become a popular feature when selling your Florida Keys homes.  



Terrazzo floors – Although terrazzo floors have been around for ages, the trend became popular in the Florida Keys and most of Florida in the 1950’s and stuck around until almost the 80’s. This mid-century modern floor design is made up of concrete or binding material mixed with pieces of glass or marble, giving it a mosaic look. Terrazzo floors became popular in Florida because of its low maintenance, durability and its ability withstand the states’ harsh elements like water and salt. Although many terrazzo floors throughout the Keys and the rest of the U.S. have been covered by tile or carpet, the original construction can easily be refurbished. The terrazzo style is making a comeback and gaining popularity with buyers looking for homes with original charm and character.  


Other Florida Keys home characteristics that will never go out of style: 

  • Porches - back porches, front porches, and wraparound porches will always be a perk to any Florida Keys home. Where the weather is perfect almost year-round, why not spend your time outside?  
  • Tiki Huts – these charming and resort like huts are a must in any Florida Keys backyard. A shaded area with a summer kitchen or lounge chairs complete any backyard.  
  • Caribbean Colors – where else in the continental United States is acceptable to paint your home conch shell pink or have a key lime green trim?